Jaw Dropping Classic 1970 Ducati Scrambler Rebuild Must Be Seen

When a lot of shops do a classic rebuild, they are more interested in making the bike or car they are working on look good fast.  The sooner they turn the rebuild around, the faster they get paid.

Jaw Dropping Classic 1970 Ducati Scrambler Rebuild Must Be Seen


The guys of the GasBox in Ohio are noted for not worrying about how fast they do a rebuild as they are about quality. The GasBox is led by Jesse Bassett, and he is noted for doing what is necessary to complete a rebuild with real style, as well as top quality.  An example of this perfection was a 1970 Ducati 350 Scrambler that Jesse Bassett located himself, then sold and did the rebuild.

About the only limitation the new owner placed on the crew at the GasBox was he didn’t want the 350 Scrambler to look like a road bike.

The guys in the shop took a bike that more like a pile of parts than a bike, and set to work to make something that aficionado’s would recognize as a Ducati, but it was still unique, and put together with precision. The frame of the new Scrambler was made with more smooth and straighter lines than the original would have had.

The front fender was shortened, and the rear fender is also shortened since the new owner doesn’t need to keep mud from flying up while he’s riding.  The bike also has more sleek design under the seat than the original had, but most fans of the Ducati will see the logic in the new design as it is sleeker and looks well put together.

The tank, one of the more important parts of any bike restoration.  The tank for this bike was taken from a 450 Scrambler and put back together so that it is flawless.  The fuel cap is still just like the bike looked when it ran off the line in Italy.  The headlight from the 350 still looks classic and gorgeous, and adds to the classic style that any Ducati purist could recognize, and anyone who was not a Ducati purist would recognize as classic motorcycle design.

Because the new owner also loves classic cars, the color chosen for this classic Scrambler is a shade of Aston Martin green that also matches a car the owner has. The tank has the green broken up by a gorgeous cream where the Ducati emblem rests, and the cream is broken up by a maroon outline.

The colors look glorious on this bike, and althPhoto Credit: bike.byPhoto Credit: bike.byough some might question the influence of a British car on an Italian bike, the choice here is spot on.

What good is a rebuild if it looks great but runs like a kitchen mixer?  That is not a problem for the guys at the GasBox.  They took the Scrambler’s 336cc single cylinder bike and turned that baby around so that it sounds and runs just a beautifully as it looks.  This is a bike that was made to rev, and it regularly goes past 8500rpm’s, and just one listen and you can understand why this model of Ducati was a favorite.  The carb rebuild looks great, and it helps the engine run better. To finish things off, this Scrambler has 19 inch rims, and period tires chosen to run on the road since the new owner doesn’t plan to go off road.  This bike looks like a new version of classic perfection.  And it runs just as well.

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