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Do you love stories featuring high-octane power, but with a twist? Do you want to get the latest information featuring the weirdest, most unusual, and awesome high power stories on the Internet? If so, you have come to the right place. At HolyHorsepower.com we are constantly scouring the Internet to find the very best, weirdest, and awe-inspiring videos and stories that feature anything and everything with an engine.

You heard right – anything with an engine! From the smallest RC Cars to the biggest equipment and heavy machinery you can think of. Of course we feature regular cars and trucks, but we also feature Monster trucks and other unusual vehicles to offer our readers even more interesting stories.


Our goal at HolyHorsepower.com is to provide interest spurring, share worthy, viral content each day. You never know what you will find when you log on. One day you may see the coolest mud-track race, and another day a high speed chase featuring a piece of heavy equipment – well, you get the point. Our site finds the weird, the unusual, he phenomenal, inconceivable, and awe-inspiring.


Are you ready for the hottest, highest power stories found anyplace on the Internet? Well – so are we! We will bring you new, fresh and never-before-seen content and videos on a daily basis. You can feel confident when you visit our site (and we hope this happens every day) that you will see only high quality content that you will love to read, watch, and share.


HolyHorsepower.com was created to provide a unique place to find sought after content with a mission to be the go to location for anything with a high power engine. We are constantly looking for new videos and stories for your viewing pleasure. So, if you have a video or story you want to share – please let us know! We would love to feature viewer information to liven up the site and provide even more exciting content.