25 Best Photos In Sports This Year

25. Aric Almirola – Aric’s car caught fire on Atlanta Motor Speedway earlier this year. This heroic photo shows one of the safety crew helping him to safety from the driver’s side window of his car. He wasn’t hurt and

21 Most Beautiful & Talented Women In Sports Reporting

1. Kristen Ledlow This talented 28 year old sports commentator is only just beginning her sports media career, but she has already earned herself influential reporting positions at CNN and HLN. Currently, she is serving as a host for NBA

23 Cars That Make Great Hot Rods…

Hot rods allow car enthusiasts to take their obsession to the next level by creating their dream cars. Over the years, building a hot rod has transformed from a fun hobby to an art form. With classic exteriors and souped

19 Cool Classic Cars That Are Perfect for a Collector on a Budget

1. Ford F100 – Who doesn’t love to see a Classic Ford F100 truck on the road? This classic was considered ahead of its time for its unibody design. It appealed not only to truck lovers but to suburbanites who loved its

21 Pickup Trucks that Changed the World

First designed by the Dodge brothers for the army in 1918, the pickup truck became an all-American icon when manufacturers adapted them for civilian use. As America’s obsession with the pickup truck grew, what was once only a vehicle of

20 Celebs With The Biggest Car Collections In Hollywood

People from all sorts of backgrounds have and maintain collections of some kind. For example, there are many people who collect small objects like coins and stamps. On the other hand, there are people who collect large objects like entire vehicles.

25 Gut-Churning Images Of This Amazing Adrenaline-Filled Road Rage Incident

Road Rage (full video on slide 10!) – A term that has become all to common as of late. We’ve all seen our share of high-strangeness during our daily commutes. Those of us lucky enough to have our own vehicles are all

Ford Mustang Loading Fail

Ford Mustangs have been around for over 40 years and have a huge following. Considering the site you’re reading this on, it’s not unlikely that you’re part of that following. “So what’s the deal with this video of loading up

One Last Super-Charged Ride In The Legendary Dodge Viper

The Dodge Viper has had an extensive history that will never be forgotten. Unfortunately, the end is near for the car as production is expected to cease on the vehicle at the end of the year. Dodge Viper Beginnings Thankfully, we’re

This Dune Buggy Proves Dreams DO Come True!

Southern California is known for freedom, adventure, and around-the-year warm temperatures. But, the Glamis Sand Dunes in the area are giving rise to a new claim, absolute, horsepower-defined freedom. Most think of the desert as stale, dry, and boring. Horsepower