21 Unique Concept Cars that Must Meet the Pavement

We’ve all probably fantasized about driving a concept car. As children, they filled the posters of many walls in bedrooms. As adults, they wind up as frequent items in search histories as people dream about driving the coolest car on the road.

21 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Your Favorite American Muscle Cars

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The 21 Greatest Female Athletes in the World

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27 Dogs Who Just Love Riding In The Car

You know the visceral response you have when you hear a really great song as you’re driving? It’s a feeling that can’t truly be described on paper or studied in a lab. It’s as if we all have an innate desire

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Military force is often equated to brute strength, but this is not the true nature of what it means to be powerful. The stealth capabilities of the United States military are what truly separate it from the rest of the

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When a lot of shops do a classic rebuild, they are more interested in making the bike or car they are working on look good fast.  The sooner they turn the rebuild around, the faster they get paid.   The

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Going head to head with one of the most powerful racing cars in Formula One sounds like a recipe for disaster. What person could outperform a souped up race car with a powerful engine? What person in their right mind would

What This Mechanic Discovered While Repairing A Broken Automatic Window May Surprise You

Recently news broke about a man repairing an automatic window that had been malfunctioning since he had purchased it. When he removed the door panel to replace the faulty window motor – there it was. A huge bundle of cash – $25,000 to

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With the summertime rolling to an end, there’s no reason to put the breaks on your travel or adventure plans in the deep South. If you happen to be a 2015 Jeep Rubicon 4×4 owner, you may be familiar that

21 Ridiculously Expensive Cars You Have To See Before You Die!

The motor industry is the most evolving industry globally with the invention of new technologies in the automotive industry; expensive cars have also emerged. They evolved from manufacturing industries ranging from Denmark to the United States some of which are