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24 Most Creative Automotive Paint Jobs

#24 of 24, Ridonkulous – Make a statement maximus with the largest wheels you can stuff under a classic rag-top. Give it more chrome than a kitchen store and a candy red paint job so deep you could swim in it. If

18 Things Americans Who Drive A Stick Shift Know To Be True

1. People Always Tell You How Impractical It Is – If you drive a stick shift you probably deal with people telling you that how unnecessary and archaic it is. “Why drive a stick?” they might say. “If you knew cars, you’d have an automatic transmission.” Does

Dodge Charger: Old VS New

The Dodge Charger gained fame as the General Lee car that became the centerpiece of the Dukes of Hazzard TV series. The classic B-body style and rear wheel drive version has become a collector’s item for brand loyalists. Click “Read More” Below for full

36 Things That Will Make Riding In Your Car So Much Better

1. Keep that cell phone handy –  Sticky Mat Anti Slip Pad Car Holder Dash For iPhone 4, Houston we have a problem, my cell phone keeps falling between the seats. Magic Anti-Slip Non-Slip Mat No worries, turn this astronaut phone holder

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Buckets of fun? – This is not a good idea for anyone.  Not sure why these people feel the need to ride a motorcycle with about 100 buckets but clearly, there has to be a safer option. It looks like