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23 Super Yachts Of The Filthy Rich

Most people understand that yachts are investments that people only make when they have exorbitant amounts of money. While every yacht is expensive, there are a few yachts that simply scream that their owner has too much money. With the

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Ah, the recreational vehicle or RV. Many people dream of leaving behind the corporate rat race where they bust their humps just to give most of that money to a landlord for an apartment so cramped that it makes an

21 Unique Concept Cars that Must Meet the Pavement

We’ve all probably fantasized about driving a concept car. As children, they filled the posters of many walls in bedrooms. As adults, they wind up as frequent items in search histories as people dream about driving the coolest car on the road.

23 Cars That Make Great Hot Rods…

Hot rods allow car enthusiasts to take their obsession to the next level by creating their dream cars. Over the years, building a hot rod has transformed from a fun hobby to an art form. With classic exteriors and souped

21 Rare Cars We’d Love To Drive…

How often do you watch those high-end auto auctions on TV and dream about waving your hand in the air, ready to hand over a million bucks for a piece of automotive history? I know, like all the time. Well,

19 Cool Classic Cars That Are Perfect for a Collector on a Budget

1. Ford F100 – Who doesn’t love to see a Classic Ford F100 truck on the road? This classic was considered ahead of its time for its unibody design. It appealed not only to truck lovers but to suburbanites who loved its

16 Classic Cars to Drive Before You Die

As a car enthusiast, it is always a dream-come true to pop into one of the legendary classic cars and rev up the engine for a drive down the road. There is a definite selection of iconic classics that have

21 Pickup Trucks that Changed the World

First designed by the Dodge brothers for the army in 1918, the pickup truck became an all-American icon when manufacturers adapted them for civilian use. As America’s obsession with the pickup truck grew, what was once only a vehicle of

20 Celebs With The Biggest Car Collections In Hollywood

People from all sorts of backgrounds have and maintain collections of some kind. For example, there are many people who collect small objects like coins and stamps. On the other hand, there are people who collect large objects like entire vehicles.

24 Most Creative Automotive Paint Jobs

#24 of 24, Ridonkulous – Make a statement maximus with the largest wheels you can stuff under a classic rag-top. Give it more chrome than a kitchen store and a candy red paint job so deep you could swim in it. If