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25 Best Photos In Sports This Year

25. Aric Almirola – Aric’s car caught fire on Atlanta Motor Speedway earlier this year. This heroic photo shows one of the safety crew helping him to safety from the driver’s side window of his car. He wasn’t hurt and

21 Most Beautiful & Talented Women In Sports Reporting

1. Kristen Ledlow This talented 28 year old sports commentator is only just beginning her sports media career, but she has already earned herself influential reporting positions at CNN and HLN. Currently, she is serving as a host for NBA

25 Ridiculously Cool RV’s That Every Weekend Driver Will Love

Ah, the recreational vehicle or RV. Many people dream of leaving behind the corporate rat race where they bust their humps just to give most of that money to a landlord for an apartment so cramped that it makes an

The 21 Greatest Female Athletes in the World

The world’s leading athletes are constantly raising the bar. They’re setting national and world records. Jaws drop when they jump to incredible heights, run at remarkable speeds, and glide victorious at the top of massive waves. Whether they’re fighting in

18 Things Americans Who Drive A Stick Shift Know To Be True

1. People Always Tell You How Impractical It Is – If you drive a stick shift you probably deal with people telling you that how unnecessary and archaic it is. “Why drive a stick?” they might say. “If you knew cars, you’d have an automatic transmission.” Does

25 Gut-Churning Images Of This Amazing Adrenaline-Filled Road Rage Incident

Road Rage (full video on slide 10!) – A term that has become all to common as of late. We’ve all seen our share of high-strangeness during our daily commutes. Those of us lucky enough to have our own vehicles are all

Ford Mustang Loading Fail

Ford Mustangs have been around for over 40 years and have a huge following. Considering the site you’re reading this on, it’s not unlikely that you’re part of that following. “So what’s the deal with this video of loading up

36 Things That Will Make Riding In Your Car So Much Better

1. Keep that cell phone handy –  Sticky Mat Anti Slip Pad Car Holder Dash For iPhone 4, Houston we have a problem, my cell phone keeps falling between the seats. Magic Anti-Slip Non-Slip Mat No worries, turn this astronaut phone holder

27 Drivers Who Need to Stop Being Daredevils!

Buckets of fun? – This is not a good idea for anyone.  Not sure why these people feel the need to ride a motorcycle with about 100 buckets but clearly, there has to be a safer option. It looks like

27 Dogs Who Just Love Riding In The Car

You know the visceral response you have when you hear a really great song as you’re driving? It’s a feeling that can’t truly be described on paper or studied in a lab. It’s as if we all have an innate desire