Ford Mustang Loading Fail

Ford Mustangs have been around for over 40 years and have a huge following. Considering the site you’re reading this on, it’s not unlikely that you’re part of that following. “So what’s the deal with this video of loading up

A Closer Look: Stealth Tech Makes The US Military The World’s Strongest Fighting Force

Military force is often equated to brute strength, but this is not the true nature of what it means to be powerful. The stealth capabilities of the United States military are what truly separate it from the rest of the

One Last Super-Charged Ride In The Legendary Dodge Viper

The Dodge Viper has had an extensive history that will never be forgotten. Unfortunately, the end is near for the car as production is expected to cease on the vehicle at the end of the year. Dodge Viper Beginnings Thankfully, we’re

This Is What Happens When You Take Tony Hawk Into Zero Gravity

Being weightless definitely has its perks, but when two skateboard legends took advantage of it… it was a whole different ballgame. Sony partnered with the Zero Gravity Corporation and put two professional Birdhouse skateboarders into the zero gravity chamber to see what’s possible with the piece of wood that

Russia’s $65,000 All-Terrain Monster Truck – Say Hello To The Sherp!

Did a wealthy aunt or grandparent die and name you in their will?  Did a shady character in a balaclava forget one of the bags of cash he was dragging out of the bank?  Did you happen to dig $65,000

Jaw Dropping Classic 1970 Ducati Scrambler Rebuild Must Be Seen

When a lot of shops do a classic rebuild, they are more interested in making the bike or car they are working on look good fast.  The sooner they turn the rebuild around, the faster they get paid.   The

This Dune Buggy Proves Dreams DO Come True!

Southern California is known for freedom, adventure, and around-the-year warm temperatures. But, the Glamis Sand Dunes in the area are giving rise to a new claim, absolute, horsepower-defined freedom. Most think of the desert as stale, dry, and boring. Horsepower

Rugby Team Goes Toe-To-Toe In A Scrum VS An F1 Supercar…

Going head to head with one of the most powerful racing cars in Formula One sounds like a recipe for disaster. What person could outperform a souped up race car with a powerful engine? What person in their right mind would

These American Heroes Changed The Face Of The Military

Imagine standing on the wing of a 1920’s-era biplane, a five-gallon container of gasoline secured to your back, preparing to jump and hoist yourself onto the wing of a second plane.  Now imagine you are attempting this feat while in mid-flight,

The Most Terrifying Top Secret Aircraft In The Military

The United States Military has endless resources at it’s disposal. They also employ some of the brightest minds this world has to offer. It only stands to reason that because of this they have quite a few secret projects that they are