Why The Blue Angels Are The Most Respected Fighting Force In The World

Mess with one of us – You mess with us all. No matter the country: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Or France – If you test an ally of the United States Military you’re in trouble! The Blue Angels fighter pilots are the

We Caught These Southern 4×4 Lovers When They Thought No One Was Looking!

With the summertime rolling to an end, there’s no reason to put the breaks on your travel or adventure plans in the deep South. If you happen to be a 2015 Jeep Rubicon 4×4 owner, you may be familiar that

The Other Side Of Chevrolet’s Danica Patrick

You may be familiar with Chevy driver, Danica Patrick. If you haven’t heard of her, she is the spokesperson for the most successful website hosting company today, GoDaddy. She is also a race car driver. Impressively, she is the most successful

21 Ridiculously Expensive Cars You Have To See Before You Die!

The motor industry is the most evolving industry globally with the invention of new technologies in the automotive industry; expensive cars have also emerged. They evolved from manufacturing industries ranging from Denmark to the United States some of which are

Be The First To See These Fantasy Trucks Of The Future

Concept trucks are expensive. They’re designed with every impractical feature in the manufacturer’s wildest dreams. They’re built one at a time – no production line savings there! Once they’re rolled out for public viewing, they may be laughed off the

Angry Trucker With Road Rage Gets What He Deserves

Anyone who has ever driven for any length of time has likely either witnessed, or experienced road rage. Characterized by excessive driving such as following other drivers too closely, excessive swerving in and out of different lanes of traffic, using the

This Is One Of The Coolest Truck Jumps Ever

3, 2, 1, BLASTOFF! Many off road enthusiasts will argue that an off road adventure isn’t complete unless the truck comes back covered in dust, mud and dirt.  And while dirt and mud are a sure sign of a good

Truck Hides Something That Blows The Crowd Away!

Selfies, yoga poses, life achievements… Let’s face it: With the birth of social media were always trying to impress each other. Sure we’ve all seen pictures of dinner, new puppies, and even newborns. What if you really want to impress

What Happens When Things Get Dirty Down South?

When buying a new car or truck, you have the opportunity to select the features you want as long as you’re willing to pay the price. What about those of us on the other end of the car buying spectrum? We

10 Stupid Decisions People Make While Driving

Dumb drivers are everywhere. From the highway to rural back roads – you can’t go very far without encountering a bone head driver. We’re all guilty of making some dumb decisions when driving. From checking texts behind the wheel or eating