Ford Mustang Loading Fail

Ford Mustangs have been around for over 40 years and have a huge following. Considering the site you’re reading this on, it’s not unlikely that you’re part of that following.

“So what’s the deal with this video of loading up a Ford Mustang? Why’s it got so many views?” That might be what’s going through your mind before playing the video. After all, it’s fairly common to stow a car for long shipments. The motor revving, the ramp crashing, and Ford Mustang scraping the bottom of the truck? *cringe*. So many things going wrong all at the same time, and then a child reaching back in to grab his scooter after face-planting. Tack on the casual “I got it all on video!” from the cameraman, and that’s when you understand why the video has so many views – the contrast. It’s like watching a car crash that only involves clowns and rubber ducks. There were plenty of other people around too, so we’d expect issues to be spotted prior to the loading. Apparently not. The sheer range of emotions shown in under twenty seconds makes for a great clip.

But then we get to feeling some sympathy for the driver of the Ford Mustang, since getting the car into the truck just got that much harder and is sure to cost him some money. So why didn’t the owner of the Ford Mustang just have someone else load it up for a move? What was going through his mind? Some combination of self-confidence and love for the vehicle, I’m sure.

Owners of Ford Mustangs all have a sense of pride in their cars, and this one probably wasn’t an exception. If we think of the move as just another form of maintenance, then this course of action makes perfect sense. The result clearly didn’t match up with the expectations of the driver or the kid on the right that fell over. But judging by the reaction of the guy in red, he probably knew exactly what was going to happen.

Of course, the driver could have just not trusted others to drive their Ford Mustang. Owning a vehicle like that carries personal significance, and only the most trustworthy people are allowed into the driver’s seat. Perhaps that’s for the better. In this case, the driver gets to keep some humorous memories of this event, and if somebody else were in the driver’s seat…well, there probably would have been a lot fewer laughs afterward.

If you happen to own a Ford Mustang yourself, take this video as a lesson. Nobody in this video got hurt, but you should always keep safety in mind. Sometimes it’s best to take some extra time planning to account for the unexpected, even if you’re confident you can manage a task. Also, don’t be afraid to leave tasks to the professionals. Ending up in an embarrassing YouTube video probably isn’t part of your plans!

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