What This Mechanic Discovered While Repairing A Broken Automatic Window May Surprise You

Recently news broke about a man repairing an automatic window that had been malfunctioning since he had purchased it. When he removed the door panel to replace the faulty window motor – there it was. A huge bundle of cash – $25,000 to be exact. Was it drug money? Was it someones rainy-day fund? We may never know.

What This Mechanic Discovered While Repairing A Broken Automatic Window May Surprise You

When tackling our own car repairs, we generally don’t find anything more interesting than a burst hose or a leaking gasket. Sometimes though, people find the strangest of items in the least expected places in our vehicles.

Unlike the weekend DIY warrior who might find a few odd items left by the previous vehicle owner while making some quick car customizations

border police around the globe have become experts at discovering contraband in every nook and cranny of a vehicle. Spanish border police recently made an amazing discovery under the bonnet of a car that was crossing into the Spanish enclave of Ceuta from Morocco. Cued by the driver’s nervous behavior, the officer lifted the hood the vehicle only to find a migrant…

Believed to be from Guinea, tucked into the engine compartment between the engine block and the radiator in a fetal position. A second migrant was found behind the driver in the tiny space behind the front seat. Migrants around the world, desperate to flee unlivable conditions in their home countries, routinely risk their lives to escape. These migrants were lucky to arrive alive given his perilous position.

A New Meaning to “Stow and Go” Seating – A main selling feature of many mini-vans today is the stow-and-go seating. These vans have large storage areas in the floor of the vehicle large enough to store the third and/or second row of seats easily. Turns out, these cargo areas are also large enough for a human body. US Border Police, tipped off by driver behavior or K9 Officer alerts, have searched vehicles and found migrants hiding in cargo areas. In smaller vehicles, smugglers have to maximize space and have hidden aliens in less traditional spaces such as the side panels of car doors.

Yesterday’s Smuggling, Today’s Lottery Winnings – When crossing a border, officials will always ask, “do you have anything to declare?” For customs purposes, countries want to know what is coming in and out of their countries and collect the appropriate fees. Even more interesting are the things people do not declare. Border officers work hard to spot the unusual, the out of place, the bizarre. Smugglers display their most creative flair when attempting to transport illegal drugs. Bricks of packaged marijuana, cocaine, and other illegal drugs have been found in coils of garden hose in landscaping trucks, inside concrete bird baths, and under the deck of a lawn mower. Essentially any ordinary item that comes with large empty space is suspect to highly trained border patrol officers.

Aside from drugs, smugglers transport large amounts of cash across the border regularly. The proceeds of illegal activity such as narcotic drug running or human smuggling can not simply be deposited at the local ATM and later wire transferred to another country. Any cash in an amount in excess of $10,000 must be declared at the border to ensure it is not tied to criminal activity, yet each year border officials confiscate tens of millions of dollars in cash. Just like prepackaged bricks of drugs, smugglers hide packages of money in every possible crevice hoping to avoid detection.

Common hiding places for large amounts of cash include vehicle seats, under floorboards, and inside car doors. How can border patrol agents see into these hidden places? They don’t have Superman’s X-ray vision, but they have something almost as good: the K9 officers who patrol alongside these highly trained professionals. When crossing any border, travelers encounter an officer who engages them in casual conversation, “Good morning ma’am. Where are you heading? How long will you be staying?” During this conversation, the agent is listening for any inconsistencies in the travelers story or nervous behaviors. Upon displaying suspicious behavior, the officers will show the nervous driver to a secondary staging area where the vehicle will undergo a more thorough visual and physical inspection.  Trained canine units can detect weapons, cash, humans, and drugs, just like Superman and his X-ray vision.

If a vehicle is found to be involved in a smuggling crime, it is slated for destruction. Sometimes though, these vehicles evade impound and subsequent destruction. When this man decided to tackle a DIY repair of his car window, he didn’t expect to find anything unusual when he removed the interior door panel. Instead, he felt like he hit the lottery:

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