Russia’s $65,000 All-Terrain Monster Truck – Say Hello To The Sherp!

Did a wealthy aunt or grandparent die and name you in their will?  Did a shady character in a balaclava forget one of the bags of cash he was dragging out of the bank?  Did you happen to dig $65,000 in change out of your couch cushions?

Russia’s $65,000 All-Terrain Monster Truck – Say Hello To The Sherp!

With a financial windfall like this comes the responsibility to spend it immediately on something awesome… but what? Yachts  run up docking fees and then sink.  Trophy wives will eventually leave you for the pool boy. A diamond-studded Rolex just makes you a target for muggers.  Instead of wasting your money on the same things every other chump has, take a look at the greatest vehicle on the planet: The Sherp.

What makes this off-road monster different from the others we’ve shown you? For starters, This ATV hails from Mother Russia.

There, the only thing colder than the vodka is the winters, and the only thing rougher than their special forces is the condition of the roads.

Genius Russian inventor Alexei Garagashyan has taken inspiration from his rugged homeland and created a vehicle that can stand up to any challenge. The heart and guts of this ATV is its 44 hp, 1.5 liter Kubota V1505 diesel engine that draws from a 15 gallon fuel tank.  It comes with a five speed transmission, manual only.  This vehicle wasn’t built for a driver who doesn’t know his way around a stick.  It can roar along at up to 28 mph on land, but the real magic happens when this bad boy hits the water.

With its relatively light weight (2.8 tons) and self-inflated custom tires, the Sherp floats without a problem.  Park on thin ice and you’ll never worry about coming back to your vehicle resting in a watery grave.  However, this does more than bob around like the world’s most awesome pool float.  The Sherp’s giant, ridged tires double as paddlewheels, rocketing you forward through the water at speeds up to 4 mph.

What about when you’re navigating rugged mountain tracks or tearing up rough backwoods trails?  The Sherp rises to the challenge, conquering fallen trees and wayward boulders up to 27.5 inches high.  It has a mere 11 foot turning radius, and it can squeeze between obstacles 8.2 feet apart.  Those specialized tires that had you gliding through the river now offer amazing traction, gripping muddy roads, chewing up sand dunes, and decimating eroded hillsides.  Did you misjudge an angle and sideswipe a cliff?  The Sherp’s durable polymer coating shrugs off damage.

While we’re at it, why keep this beauty all to yourself?  Bring along a bunch of your best friends; the Sherp sleeps 4 and can haul up to 2,200 pounds of weight.

Photo Credit: Credit: base model is awesome enough, but what if you manage to scrape up a little more money?  You can pimp this ATV out with a generator, have secondary fuel tanks built into the tires for added danger, invest in a dedicated transport trailer, or swap out the cloth top for a hard shell.

$65,000 for an ATV?  It’s actually a steal when you look at all the features and rugged functionality packed into every inch of the Sherp.  That’s what sets this vehicle apart from others in its class.  This ATV can take you wherever your wanderlust leads.  If you think you can handle this beast, take the Russian challenge and dominate the wilderness.

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