This Is What Happens When You Take Tony Hawk Into Zero Gravity

Being weightless definitely has its perks, but when two skateboard legends took advantage of it… it was a whole different ballgame. Sony partnered with the Zero Gravity Corporation and put two professional Birdhouse skateboarders into the zero gravity chamber to see what’s possible with the piece of wood that pays their bills.

This Is What Happens When You Take Tony Hawk Into Zero Gravity

Although both took advantage of being weightless for their craft, many other notable individuals have gone into the zero gravity chamber to see what was possible when it comes to their profession. With this being said, here’s a look at what other professions have taken a stab at zero gravity.

What’s The Zero Gravity Corporation? The Zero Gravity Corporation is the company that operates the weightless flights in question…

Formerly based in Fort Lauderdale, the Zero Gravity Corporation is currently located in Arlington, Virginia and offers its service throughout the country.

Unlike NASA, the Zero Gravity Corporation is governed under FAA regulations and can cater to researchers and tourists alike. It has been operating flights since 2004 and has had very notable passengers such as Steven Hawkings, Martha Stewart, and Buzz Aldrin come in to experience zero gravity through their service. It was acquired by Space Adventures in 2008.

Skateboarding In Zero Gravity – If you’re unfamiliar with the skateboarding participants, Tony Hawk is one of the major skateboard legends who helped keep skateboading on your television and pushed skateboarding from a fad/toy to a sport. As for Aaron “Jaws” Homoki, he’s one of the young skateboarding all-terrain vehicles who makes you wonder why skateboarding isn’t an Olympic sport.

So considering what these men have done for skateboarding, it’s no surprise that both were involved when it came to pushing what was possible on a skateboard in zero gravity. For Tony, weightlessness allowed him to perform the type of aerial maneuvers that are normally reserved for his video games. For Jaws, it gave his legs a break from the 20+ foot drops they take on a semi-regular basis.

All in all, Tony and Jaws walked away from the zero gravity experience unscathed and smiling as they both (once again) pushed skateboarding into a new frontier.

Modeling In Zero Gravity – Although it sounds like a bit from The Man Show, putting a model in zero gravity was actually accomplished by Sports Illustrated. It was in 2014 when Sports Illustrated sent Kate Upton onto the Zero-G for a Swimsuit shoot. Armed with a bikini that could easily fit into a sunglass case and a camera crew, they took to the sky and took some amazing photos during their plummet. The photos are incredible considering props were utilized and her hair looked as if it came right out of the salon, but the photos without the Zero Gravity staff cropped out definitely add context to how amazing the shots really are.

Science In Zero GravityPhoto Credit: huffingtonpost.comPhoto Credit: – On a mission to disprove the conspiracy of a faked moon landing, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage of Mythbusters fame went into the zero gravity chamber to squash the long time theories that discredit NASA’s achievements. Although they were initially driven to create their own spacecraft, their next resort was contacting the Zero Gravity Corporation. They compared the zero gravity experience to scuba diving, but with little resistance to their movements. Although die-hard theorists of a faked moon landing may have not been swayed by their scientific efforts and assistance from NASA, they did make excellent television that was a small step for man… and one giant leap for mankind.

Magic In Zero Gravity – Although little magic took place, Penn and Teller did experience weightlessness through the Zero Gravity Corporation. Well known for their daredevil magic tricks, Penn did unconventional magic tricks by removing his clothing (he’s quite possibly the first documented person to be naked in the Zero G aircraft) and making his food disappear from his stomach (he got sick during the experience).

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